X-Sauce News

March de 2014


X-SAUCE FUJI TEAM is achieving great results at the begining of this season.
Its riders, lead by Antonio Gutiérrez, are standing out as very competitive in every competition they are participating in and it is becoming quite usual to watch the "yellows" on the podium.
All the riders are performing at a very good level and we think that great results are going to be achieved this season; said Antonio at the finish line in Villa del Prado.

January de 2014


X-SAUCE and FUJI join together to create one the most competitive mountain teams for the 2014 season.
This project is also fostered by CRT, the MTB school from Alpedrete. Prestigious brands from the sector such as EXTREME by Esteve, ROTOR, CODI SPORT, SERIJEL, ACTIVE MUSCLE, HERBAMEDICUS SPORT CONCEPT and INFISPORT have joined as well.
It will be managed my Antonio Gutiérrez, winner of, among other titles, Madrid XCM Championship and Madrid XCO Open. The new team will have within its ranks the current most promising young talents of mountain cycling in almost every category

January de 2014

X-Sauce attended the continental professional team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA presentation.

X-Sauce attended on 30th January the 2014 Caja Rural-Seguros RGA official team presentation at Pamplona. during the presentation several videos were shown following the team's track record until nowadays.
X-Sauce will sponsor the team throughout the season. The team will use its products to avoid unexpected punctures.

November de 2013

Cycling school "Con un par de ruedas MTB", from Las Rozas and X-Sauce are collaborating with the youngsters.

Cycling school "CON UN PAR DE RUEDAS MTB" opens its doors at Las Rozas, Madrid, for teaching and coaching youngsters about everything concerning mountain bikes. Provided with outstanding facilities: theoretical lessons room, dressing rooms, outdoor mtb circuit and road and an unbeatable location for routes: Las Rozas.

X-Sauce collaborates with the school to encourage the grassroot sport once again

Fran Caurcel
Phone number: (+34) 639 945 102

November de 2013

FMC and X-Sauce renew their collaboration agreement for 2014

FMC (Cycling Federation of Madrid) and X-Sauce have renewed their collaboration agreement with which the regional team from Madrid will obtain benefit from our pre-puncture sealants and other items such as runners kit numbers and marking tapes for circuits. FMC chairman, Javier Fernández-Alba and X-Sauce manager, David García Ayensa have both signed the agreement. This will be valid during the whole 2014 year and could be extended to 2016.

October de 2013

Luis Leao Pinto (Bicis Esteve) Champion in the 9th MTB HIMALAYA 2013

After winning the 2013 Titan Desert, Luis Leao Pinto cyclist of Bicis Esteve team, has just won another charismatic challenge: MTB HIMALAYA 2013.

The cyclist from Portugal, an specialist in staged MTB races in any kind of surface, has challenged again our sealant. This was the time for the barren jungle instead of the dry dessert. X-Sauce keeps on being one of the best allies for any kind of on-wheel adventure in whatever surface.

September de 2013

Juan Pedro Trujillo (Wild Wolf) 2013 Spanish Marathon Champion.

After many years without conquering the long-distance national championship, Juan Pedro Trujillo arrived to Cazorla fully fit and motivated to achieve the triumph.

September de 2013

Antonio Martín (Esteve X-Sauce) revalidates his Champion of Spain Master 30 title.

We go on celebrating our teams and sponsored riders victories.
Antonio Martín "Pispajo", cyclist of the team Bicicletas Esteve/X-Sauce, has been again Champion of Spain of cyclism in the Master-30 category. This year 2013 victory in the Spanish Championships of cyclism calebrated in Murcia makes him doubble champion of Spain. Moreover, this victory was achieved in two consecutive years: 2012 and 2013. This way he reconquered the title obtained last year in the Cantabria town of Solares.

May de 2013

Luis Leao Pinto victory in Titan Desert

From the begining to the end, Milenio Titan Desert by GAES had a really clear leader, the portuguese Luis Leao Pinto (Bicis Esteve). Crowned again as Desert King, the portuguese gets this way his best victory in this epic race through the moroccan dessert. After finishing second last year, Pinto succeeds Roberto Heras in the golden book of the race. It was a really hard race for cyclists as well as the X-Sauce pre-puncture sealant and chain wax which have proved to be at the right level demanded by the race.

April de 2013

Collaboration agreement with Cycling Federation of Madrid

The Cycling Federation of Madrid (FMC) and X-Sauce have signed at FMC's headquarters a collaboration agreement with which the regional teams of Madrid will obtain our pre-puncture sealants and other items such as runners kit numbers and marking tapes for circuits. FMC chairman, Javier Fernández Alba, and X-Sauce manager, David García Ayensa, have both signed the agreement. This will be valid during the whole 2013 and it will be able to be renewed until 2016.