X-Sauce Factory Sport, S.L. is committed to supporting the environment

Environmental sustainability and ethical practices have always been foundational pillars for the company. These practices have always and continue to inspire our values and business activity.

The company’s commitment to the environment has existed since its beginnings, since cycling is mainly practiced outdoors, fully connecting with nature. And its founder, David García, is a lover of cycling and nature.

X-Sauce Factory Sport, S.L. is a member of the ECOEMBES program. This program works to promote recycling and minimize the environmental impact of the packaging that is put on the market and that these are increasingly sustainable by manufacturing with recycled materials, eliminating some elements or even reducing the weight of the packaging.

X-Sauce Factory Sport, S.L. promotes sustainable logistics, optimizing and minimizing all its shipments to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and thus avoid the pollution causing global warming and climate change. The company always uses recyclable cardboard boxes.

ATREVA, S.L. is our waste management company, in compliance with current regulations.

X-Sauce contributes to reducing the carbon footprint by donating part of its income to the NGO REFORESTA, with the idea of planting trees. We invite you all to become members to increase the number of trees planted each year.

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