X-Sauce continues year after year to support cyclists, teams and triathletes from all over Spain and abroad, both male and female. At X-Sauce, we consider this partnership with sportsmen and women to be important for our company, in order to promote the growth of cycling in all its forms. Our sponsorship management system X-SAUCE SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM (X-SP) is the result of many years of collaboration with teams and riders in different modalities and categories. The central theme of this programme is to support cycling in general and grassroots cycling in particular in return for the promotion of our brand and its product range. This form is the first step on a path we hope to follow together. Please take your time to fill in the application form carefully, as due to the high demand for applications to the X-SP PROGRAM, it is essential to receive full information. Once you have sent the form with the requested information and documentation, if you are chosen to represent our brand, you will be contacted from our sponsorship department. The dates in which our colleagues will contact you will be from September 15th to the end of November each year.

Thank you for contacting X-Sauce and we hope you continue to enjoy our sport.

Greetings, X-Sauce Team

Programa de esponsorización

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