X-Sauce provides a number of accessories for cycling fans. Here are some of our top picks:

Pack of three tire levers for mounting and dismounting tires. Manufactured in high quality yellow nylon to guarantee product durability. The compact size of these levers, 102mm by 17mm, conveniently fit together and weight only 9.3g each or 28g all three, making them easy to carry en route even in your cycling jersey pocket.

Our X-Tube is a simple and economic accessory yet very useful as it allows the cyclist to easily gauge the quantity of liquid sealant inside the tire without any mess. The X-Tube is a probe mounted on our syringe-like injector that allows the user to insert the long probe in through the valve by simply removing the valve core and measure the amount of liquid sealant inside the tire without any need to dismount or disassemble the tire. To perform this simple operation, you need to let the air pressure out of the tire (that should be suspended) leaving it to sit with the valve positioned upright so that the liquid settles in the lower part of the tire. You then insert the probe extracting the liquid inside the tire to determine the quantity left in the tire. This test also allows you to evaluate the state of the liquid sealant inside your tires; a light creamy tan color indicates a correct state of conservation and effectiveness, a dark brown color indicates the liquid is past its optimal performance state and a transparent color means the liquid will not have any sealant capacity at all.

The injector is an accessory that allows us to inject or extract liquid sealant from our wheels easily whether they are tubed tires or tubeless tires, controlling the exact doses at all times. The injector comes with two types of probes that adjust to either the Presta or Schrader valves.

Our CO2 adapters will help you inflate your tires quickly and easily. Manufactured in aluminum, they come with a pressure regulator that allows you to open and close the air flow as required. The nozzle can adapt to both Presta and Schrader valves and turns 360º to facilitate threading onto the valve between the wheel spokes.

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