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We currently offer our well-loved Pro-Lube, a very effective, long-lasting and clean product that has been difficult to improve so far. Nevertheless, we are committed to broadening our range of lubricants and are currently working hard to come up with other products as innovative and effective as this wax lubricant.

Pro-Lube chain lubricant was born out of the need to offer a cleaner and more effective lubricant. Classic oils quickly dirty the chain creating a greasy black layer on its surface. This means if you needed to manipulate your chain due to a jam or break, something quite usual while mountain biking, by the time you finished fixing it your hands and sometimes clothes are stained black with this grease that is difficult, if not impossible to remove – not to mention the classic “cyclist tattoo” on your shin or calf. At X-Sauce we found that the best way to avoid this mess was using wax instead of oil. We developed a clean yet effective and long-lasting chain lubricant. By using Pro-Lube, cyclists can rest assured that they can manipulate the chain at any time and their hands and clothes will not get stained, not to mention lowering the environmental impact by using a liquid emulsion. This lubricant will make your gear set work as smooth as silk. To top it off, we added some PTFE, an antifriction additive to reduce wear of the small chain components and the rest of the gear set, plates and sprockets. <br>Sizes: 500, 125 and 30ml bottles.

Watts Lube is a durable bicycle chain oil for all extreme conditions. A pioneering and innovative gel oil almost as clean as a wax chain lube. Gel base improve deep chain link’s core penetration to provide long lasting lubrication. Exceptionally durable in wet or muddy conditions. With fluoropolymers: solid pressure additives that will reduce friction, energy consumption and will extend drive train life. Watts Lube provides smooth gear shifts and watts safe. Recommended for e-bikes and extreme wet conditions. The perfect oil!

Sizes: 500, 125 and 30ml bottles.

Our new Smooth Seal Lube is a specific lubricant for bars and seals, both for suspensions and for telescopic seatposts. It is an inert lubricant, so as not to affect the rubber of the seal itself; with very low surface tension and viscosity, for exceptional penetration; high evaporation rate, to avoid leaving residues that attract dirt; immiscible with most organic matter; hydrophobic, to repel water; non-stick and surface protector. Apply only a couple drops around the seals of your fork, shock, or dropper. It will drasticaly increase suspension performance. Size: 30ml bottle.

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