X-Sauce offers a number of high-quality branded products to personalize your wheels or to use in your day to day life.

To personalize your wheels, we have a number of adhesive stickers that are highly resistant to scratches and scrapes by rocks on the trail or water and mud on those damp cycling days.

The large sticker is 24cms long by 19mm wide. This size was designed to fit your wheel rims giving your bike a sleek and original look.

The small sticker is 5cms long by 15mm wide. This size was designed to give your bike rims a more discreet but an equally sleek and original look. Both models are marked “X-Sauce protected” with the font type from our logo.

Our sticker packs are 29,7 x 42cm and contain a series of different logos and sizes so you can find the perfect sticker for your object of choice.

The X-Sauce T-shirt comes in vibrant colors with an elegant design, featuring our logo on the front. Our shirts are made of cotton and come in different sizes.

Our X-Sauce caps are our most popular branded accessory, made with detailed care and top-quality materials on the market. They are available in snapback and baseball styles both black in color with our 3D embroidered logo. The sides are embroidered with our website address on one side and our X on the other. Both are adjustable, have the unique detailing of airholes embroidered in yellow and come in a black box with silver print and transparent window.

Our X-Sauce neck warmer is a very practical accessory for a cyclist, especially in colder weather, to protect our neck from the cool air avoiding muscle stiffness or even colds. The X-Sauce neck warmer has a unique design; a pattern made from our yellow X-Sauce logo, on a soft and stretchy high-quality black cloth, protecting our necks from wintery elements in style. The X-Sauce rug is the perfect doormat that all cyclists would love to have to personalize their house entrance. It features the X-Sauce logo in orange with a large gray X on a black background – a great way to personalize the entrance way of our home.

The X-Sauce mug is white featuring our logo on the front with a yellow X in the background allowing us to enjoy our favorite beverages in a “racing” mug.

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