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X-Sauce´s sealants and anti-puncture sealants are probably our best-known products. In fact, our company was born out the need to be able to make normal tires tubeless-ready and/or to perfect existing tubeless systems by adding a liquid sealant inside the tires improving the performance of a system that was already a big step up from classic tire tubes. At X-Sauce, we are cyclists, avid bike users therefore we have always looked for the best ways to improve and perfect a bike´s performance via our products. This is how our sealants and anti-puncture sealants came to be.

We offer a liquid sealant for tubeless MTB tires that optimizes the fit between the rim and the tire, eliminating or minimizing any loss of tire pressure by sealing any pores of the rubber tire. This, at the same time, acts as a preventative anti-puncture; as the wheel turns, the liquid inside the tire moves automatically filling any potential puncture. While there is liquid inside the tires, we can rest assured as the tires will maintain their pressure longer and in the case of any puncture, the liquid will seep into the puncture and seal it. In addition, our sealant, being latex based, will create a layer of rubber, regenerating any damage to the tires something very few sealants do. With its latex base, it is practically pH neutral avoiding any corrosion to the tire or rim offering a very balanced formula of performance, durability and price. This is probably the reason why it has become a best seller in our X-Sauce catalogue; “the bottle with the yellow label and cap”.

Then we have our anti-puncture sealant for all types of inner tubes and for road wheels (inner tube, tubular or tubeless options). This anti-puncture, identifiable by its red label and cap, is recommended for almost any type of tube and for any type of road bike wheel whether tubed, tubeless or tubeless-ready. This product is also formulated with a latex base, optimized for use in any type of road bike tire which use a higher-pressure range than mountain bike tires.

The two products come in small 200ml bottles for use in 2 to 3 tires, in medium 500ml bottles for use in 5-8 tires and in 5-liter jerrycans, geared towards bike shops and professional use in the cycling sector, yielding enough product for 50 tires or more.

Finally, we offer to you SPIN BITS, a tire sealant enhancing product. It is a low density granulated powder that mixed with your sealant will fix bigger puncture sizes and also faster. Add Spin Bits to X-Sauce sealant to improve the formula and have extra protection against the biggest punctures.

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