Tubeless rim tapes



In today’s market you can find a wide variety of rims with different features. X-Sauce has created a wide range of rim tapes to be able to make tubeless-ready, any rim that our clients need. We paid special attention to the inside rim bed widths, usually concave, but with a variety of angles and depths. In the cases of a very deep rim bed or ones that form a 90-degree angle, we need very flexible rim tapes that adapt to those almost vertical angles (like our Black and Filaments tapes). In the opposite case where the rim bed is lightly concaved or almost flat, we will use a tubeless-ready rim tape that is more rigid and that does not require the level of flexibility needed to be adapted to the types of rims described in the previous scenario (like our Yellow rim tape).

Thicker and more rigid tubeless-ready rim tape will be more durable and ensure a better tubeless adaption of the rims, however this type of tape does not adapt well to rims that have a deep and narrow rim beds. Thinner and more flexible tubeless-ready rim tape is easier to mount and adapt better to deeper rim beds, but it is not as durable and will need to be replaced more frequently as the mounting and dismounting of tires will end up wearing out their adhesiveness. . .

It is important to note that all of our rim tapes are available in different widths therefore able to adapt to the width of each rim. Using the correct width is key to optimal performance of this strip since using incorrect or thinner widths would not guarantee a proper installation of the tubeless system meaning air leakage and loss of air pressure in the tires.




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