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Although the sealant liquid and anti-puncture liquid automatically repair a range of punctures and problems like loss of air pressure in the tires, there are always a small percentage of cases that cannot be automatically fixed by the sealant and need an extra repair. In this case we are normally referring to cuts or holes that may even appear small but have cut through some of the threads inside the tire structure, therefore cannot be fixed automatically by the sealant. These punctures are normally a result of pinches or brusque impacts to the wheel where the rim pierces the tire. Sometimes this happens to two points on the tire, one on the tire treads and the other on the tire wall close to the rim. At X-Sauce, we have taken this variable into consideration and decided we wanted to give our customers the option to be able to carry out this repair en route, in the shortest amount of time possible but at the same time guaranteeing a definitive and long lasting repair. We came up with our three different tire seal kits to repair tubeless tires. These kits use small strips of high viscosity rubber that we call “seals” that are placed inside the hole/cut in the tire using a specialized tool, sealing the hole.

We offer 3 types of kits with 3 different seal thicknesses allowing you to fix even bigger cuts or holes:

M-0 Repair Kit comes in a plastic case that can be comfortably carried in your jersey pocket. It contains our smallest seal: 10 x 1.5mm seals, together with a compact tool to insert the seal.

M-1 Repair kit is our most compete and generic kit, geared towards more demanding cycling needs and especially Endura, where high speed descents can mean bigger tire cuts or holes. The case is slightly larger than the M-0 in order to accommodate two types of seals: 10 x 3.5mm and 10 x 6mm seals in addition to their specific tools. The 3.5mm seal is the most recommended as it allows us to repair a wider range of cuts or holes but in the case of larger holes, we have also developed the 6mm seals which repair holes up to about 1 cm in size. .M-2 repair kit is a reduced size of the M-1 kit with the rally or marathon cyclist in mind. It contains 10 x 3.5mm seals which are the most standard sized seals and is lighter and more compact yet allows us to repair a wide range of cuts or holes in our tires.

All of our kits include a cutter in order to remove any excess once the seal is inserted.


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