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Pack of two Presta tubeless valves made of black anodized aluminum with yellow X-Sauce caps, a replaceable X-Sauce conical gasket and aluminum nut with rubber O-ring gasket and valve core removal tool. Manufactured under high quality standards from solid aluminum tubes (not hollow) to achieve higher durability and resistance. X-Sauce exclusive replaceable rubber gasket. Compatible with rims with small and large valve holes. Not compatible with UST rims.

40mm (10g – weight of two valves with caps)
60mm (12g – weight of two valves with caps)
80mm (14g – weight of two valves with caps)

Weight N/A
Valve size

40MM, 60MM, 80MM


Leave the wheels with the valve down...
Position your wheels with the valves closest to the ground (at 6 o´clock). After riding or when you are not riding for a few days, ensure the wheels are positioned with the valves closest to the floor (at 6 o´clock). This way any sealant that may have seeped out does not stay in the valve but drains back into the tire instead. The sealant can obstruct the valve therefore taking care to position your wheels this way when the bike is not being used is the best way to maintain valves clean and in perfect condition. If the valve core becomes dirty it will not let air into the tire through the valve or it will cause the tires to lose air. Use the valve tool included in the kit to open the valve and clean the valve cavity carefully.
Does the valve deteriorate over time?
The valve itself does not deteriorate or break but the sealant liquid will dirty the valve core making it difficult to inflate the tire. Use the valve tool included in the kit to open the valve and clean the valve cavity carefully. Don´t use anything that can scratch the valve cavity as this can lead to air leaks.
How do I inflate the tire if it initally doesn´t take in air pressure?
If using a compressor and the tire still does not inflate, try out these recommendations: Remember to spray the tire and the rim with clean water only (soaps will contaminate the sealant) as water helps the inflation of the tires in this case. Otherwise inflate the tire through the valve but with the valve core removed. This way, more air enters the tire at once and the tires will inflate quickly, even those tires (ie. for descents) that are harder and with more more balloon. As soon as the tire is seated on the rim, stop inflating as it could rupture. Remove the compressor head and quickly replace the valve core tightening it into place - it takes a bit of knack and speed. Once the core is screwed back into place you can continue to inflate the tire or regulate the pressure as needed.
Where do I inflate the air through the valve?
We supply you with Schrader valves that can be disassembled and that adapt to all types of rims. They come with a valve core remover tool to disassemble them in case of becoming obstructed with sealant liquid.


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