Anti-puncture for tubes and tubular 200ml

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Anti-puncture liquid.
Can also be used with inner tubes or tubulars.
Ready to be inserted directly into the wheel.
Perfect product for children’s bikes with traditional tubes.

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Say goodbye to punctures with our anti-puncture fluid for inner tubes and tubulars.
Forget about the hassle and time wasted with punctures.

Our anti-puncture liquid offers an effective and long-lasting solution to keep your tires protected.

Designed for high pressures:

  • Advanced formula: Quickly seals punctures in tubes and tubulars.
  • Withstands high pressures: Ideal for gravel, road and e-bikes.
  • Long lasting: Protects your tires for months.

Ideal for children’s bikes:

  • Forget about repairs and time lost due to flat tires on children’s bikes. Our anti-puncture liquid is ideal for your children to enjoy their adventures without worries.

Ideal solution for bicycles with tubes:

  • It is introduced into the tube through the valve without the need to remove the tire, you can also use it in baby carriages or balls.

Easy to use:

  • Add the liquid through the valve: No need to remove the tire.
  • Compatible with all types of valves: Presta and Schrader.

Other tubeless sealant benefits:

  • Prevents pressure loss: Keeps your tires at the correct pressure for longer.
  • Reduces friction: Improves the performance and efficiency of your bicycle.

Enjoy your rides with total peace of mind. A high quality product that offers you maximum protection against punctures and improves its performance.


Available in 500 and 200 ml containers and 5 liter drums.

Recommended doses depending on the thickness of the tire:

  • MTB 26″: 80-100 ml.
  • MTB 27.5″: 90-110 ml.
  • MTB 29″: 100-110 ml.
  • Fat Bike: 170-200 ml.
  • Road: 40ml.
  • Gravel: 60-80ml.

Shake well before use.

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Does anti-puncture liquid work in road tires?
The anti-puncture liquid is the perfect ally for tubeless road tires (tubeless, as indicated by manufacturer). We recommend you only use tubeless tires. Have fun nailing nails into your road bike tire and see for yourself how only a small drop of sealant leaks out and the tire, under 7-8kgs of pressure, doesn´t lose any air. If you use tubulars with removable valves, simply open the tubular by removing the valve and by just adding 30-40mls of liquid, your tublular will be iron clad so you can forget about flats forever. Tubulars usually have fine and delicate inner tubes. Never let the tire deflate completely and maintain them inflated even if the bike is not being used for long periods. On the contrary the inner tube walls can stick to each other, rupturing when inflated again. You can also convert the wheel to tubeless using our Road Kit being both tubular and inner tube free.
Does the tire deteriorate when using the sealant liquid in it?
No. If you decide to use inner tubes again all you have to do is dismount the wheel, remove the valve, insert the tube and inflate with any issue. This is very practical in cases of larger cuts or holes that the sealant cannot fill. If you are very careful you can remove the residual sealant liquid with water if it is still wet, carefully scraping with your fingers or a rag if it has dried completely. Only a few flakes of the residual product will come off. There is controversy as to whether the tires become deformed and the tire brands have rushed to declare that this is because of the ammonia in the sealants. Since our sealants do not contain ammonia, any deformities cannot be caused by ammonia when using our product. Moreover when testing two different tire brands with our sealant, there have been cases where one tire has become deformed and the other not. Therefore we have to conclude that this issue is with the tire itself and not the sealant.
How do I refill the tire with liquid when I notice it has dried up?
In the product specs you will find instructions on the different methods to refill your tire with ant-flats liquid.
Each time I refill my tire am I adding more weight?
Consider that the liquid has water as a part of its composition. As the water evaporates, the weight is the tire also decreases as the dry residue in the product is minimal. Therefore when you refill with sealant you will be adding some additional grams to your tire by replacing what has evaporated. the objective is to maintain a certain level within the tire.
How often do you recommend refilling the tires?
We recommend refilling your tires with the recommended refill dose at least every two months; even though the tire has not had any air loss, the liquid inside looses some of its properties over time and needs to be replenished. This means that in case of a flat, if there is little liquid inside or it has dried up the little liquid left will not be enough to seal and repair the tire. Refilling a half dosis every 2 months guarantees your peace of mind, Esto significa que en caso de pinchar, si queda poco líquido porque está casi seco, o si ha pasado mucho tiempo sin recargar es posible que el poco líquido que quede no sea capaz de tapar el pinchazo. Media dosis cada dos meses te garantiza tranquilidad total, long lasting sealing and automatic repair of punctures en route.
How long does the liquid inside the tire last?
This depends on many factors. If you use tubeless tires it will last longer as these seal more easily meaning the sealant needs to work less. It can last 3 or more months but we recommend refilling before that time as the liquid inside looses some of its properties over time. We therefore recommend checking your tires every two months. Another factor is climate; the liquid evaporates or dries quicker in summer than in winter. We always recommend checking your tires and liquid levels a few days before any type of competition. To check your tires, desmount the wheel and leave it resting upright so that the liquid drains to the bottom of the tire. Do this away from noise. Put your ear close to the tire and shake it around in order to hear the liquid moving around on the inside.
How much liquid do I add? I know it will add weight to my tires…
Recommended dosis for tubeless tires or road tubulars: Road tire: 30-40 ml per tire. Recommended dosis for tires with tubes: MTB 26”: 80-100 ml per tire. MTB 27,5”: 90-110 ml per tire. MTB 29”: 100-110 ml per tire. Fat bike: 170-200 ml per tire. Road tire: 30-40 ml per tire. These ranges or recommended doses should be adjusted to each tire and its balloon factor. For thin tires, use the minimum dose and for thick tires we recommend using the maximum dose. You can fill with a higher dose but it does not improve the sealant capacity and it does increase the weight. Check your tires periodically and refill when necessary. Check your tires periodically and do not allow the sealant liquid to completely dry up inside (it will dry over time as the water in the liquid evaporates and this depends on a number of factors).
Can sealant liquid for tubeless MTB tires be used for road tubes, tubeless and tubulars?
No, sealant liquid for tubeless MTB should only be used of for MTB tubless and tubular systems. It is formulated to work with lower air pressures and is less dense to guarantee a faster flow through the inside of the MTB tire.
What is the best anti-puncture for a road and gravel bikes?

Our X-Sauce anti-puncture liquid is specially designed to offer superior protection for high-pressure wheels, such as those on road and gravel bikes.

Its innovative formula offers a number of advantages:

High-pressure effectiveness:

  • Seals punctures and cuts quickly and effectively, even in tires with high pressures.
  • Ideal for tackling the demands of road and gravel routes with peace of mind.

Maximum protection:

  • Contains a high concentration of sealing particles that guarantee a long-lasting seal.
  • Significantly reduces the possibility of flat tires during your rides.


  • Suitable for use in tubeless and traditional tube wheels.
  • Protects both tubeless tires and classic tires with air chambers.

Easy to use:

  • Installed quickly and easily following the instructions.
  • Does not require technical knowledge or special tools.

Prolonged durability:

  • Offers long-lasting protection.
  • Allows you to enjoy your routes with peace of mind for a long period of time.

Compatible with different materials:

  • Does not damage tires, rims or tubes.
  • Safe for use on aluminum, carbon and other materials.


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