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A brake cleaner that improves braking by removing accumulated dirt on both the pads and discs.New improved formula and new bottle of greater capacity, with 900ml.

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X-Sauce brake cleaner is a specialized product for bicycle brake discs and pads that improves braking by removing accumulated dirt on both the pads and discs. The new formula eliminates or reduces the post-cleaning effect, in which the brake appears to have lost its ability to brake, but recovers normally after several stops.

Tips for cleaning bicycle brakes:

– Get used to periodically cleaning the discs of the bicycle to avoid the accumulation of dirt and consequent loss of braking capacity.

– After a general cleaning of the bicycle, you should clean the discs and brakes with a specific product to remove the traces of soap or degreaser that may have remained after the general cleaning of the bicycle.

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In addition to disc brakes and brake pads, can I clean other parts of the bicycle with this cleaner?
Yes. With the cleaner for discs and brake pads you can clean any of the components of the bicycle such as shifters, suspension levers, telescopic seatposts, brake levers and fork cutting. It also helps to eliminate remains of adhesives in frames, forks, helmets...
Can the cleaner damage the tires if it comes into contact with them?
As a general rule, if it is something sporadic, no. However, an unsuitable use of the cleaner regularly pulverizing the tires can alter the longevity and condition of these. Our recommendation is that you protect your tires from the cleaner as much as possible by using it carefully.
On what kind of surfaces can I safely apply the disc brake cleaner?
It can be safely applied to plastic, rubber, carbon, metals, anodized metals and painted surfaces.
Should use gloves for their application?
Yes, we recommend the use of gloves to avoid contact with the skin.
Is it flammable?
Yes. We must always keep it out of heat, hot surfaces, sparks, flames and any ignition source for the safety of the user.
How much should I use to clean the discs and brake pads?
With 2 or 3 sprays on the disc brakes and another 2 or 3 to the brake pads should be enough. Once dry, wipe with a clean cloth to remove any remaining residue.


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