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25 m length crossed filaments adhesive tape roll. A roll contains enough tape for 15 wheels. This tape seals the rim without any other kind of tape or rubber strips, with only 2 rounds adding only 6-7 gr per wheel. More than twice the quantity offered by other brands. Check quantity offered by other brands – normally 10 meters maximum. We offer 25 meters at a similar price.
Carefully clean the rim channel before gluing tubeless tape.

17mm width X 10m long (Road).
20mm width X 25m long.
23mm width X 25m long.
25mm width X 25m long.

Weight N/A
Rim dimensions

15x10MM, 19X25MM, 23X25MM, 25X25MM


How to choose your tape or rim strip to make your tire tubeless-ready?
The rim bed should look like this:

Next two options are incorrect:

Finally, to choose the width of the right tape for your rim, you can do it by measuring the width of the rim strip. To do this, it is best to disassemble your wheel, remove and measure the tire's rim strip, provided it covers the bed of the rim well. Measure it on a flat surface, because if you do it on the rim itself, being concave, the measurements will not be correct. If your wheel does not have a rim strip, cut a piece of paper a width that appears to fit and set it into the rim, adapting it to its concavity, checking if the width is correct or needs fewer or additional millimeters.
Does the air not leak out with only adhesive tape and a valve tightened by hand?
Once you install the tape and valve, you can mount the tire and test by inflating the tire. But until you add the sealant liquid it won´t be perfectly air tight. The sealant will perfectly cover all holes and micropores that lead to slow leaks.
How does it cover the holes in the rim?
With tubeless rim tape. There are three options and filaments tape is the cheapest but least durable of all options. Clean the rim bed well. Apply 2 rounds of filament tape as you would normal rim tape but tensing slightly to avoid any bubbles and for the tape to adapt to the concave rim bed. Now place any rim tape over the filament tape to prolong its durability.
Rim tape instalation tip:
Once you have applyed the tape or rim strip, which ever type you use, mount the tire and tube and leave inflated for a few hours or overnight. This will ensure that the tape or cover adheres to the rim bed properly. The next day, desmount the tube and finialize the tubeless-ready process.


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