The kit includes all you need: 500ml bottle sealant, 2 aluminium tubeless compatible mousse Schrader valves, 9 meters rim strip and instructions.
All our kits fit 26, 27’5 and 29″ rims.

KIT TUBELESS Schrader valve + 20 mm RIM STRIP.
KIT TUBELESS Schrader valve + 23 mm RIM STRIP.
KIT TUBELESS Schrader valve + 25 mm RIM STRIP.
KIT TUBELESS Schrader valve + 27 mm RIM STRIP.
KIT TUBELESS Schrader valve + 30 mm RIM STRIP.

Weight N/A

20MM, 23MM, 25MM, 27MM, 30MM


How do I choose the MTB tubeless kit I need for my wheels?
1º) All our tubeless kits are compatible with 26", 27.5", and 29" wheels. 2º) You must make sure of the valve you need. If your rim has a Presta valve hole, choose a kit with a Presta valve. If, on the other hand, your rim has a Schrader/big valve hole, you can use both Presta or Schrader valves, as they are compatible in both cases. 3º) You also must choose the width of tubeless tape that your rim needs.
How do I choose the correct width of the tubeless tape that I need for my wheels?
We need to measure our rim exactly: The rim tape should be positioned like this, covering the entire bottom of our rim:

If the rim tape is narrower than the rim itself, it will be a guarantee of future problems.:

And if the tubeless tape is wider than the bottom of our rim, it is also a guarantee of future problems:

Now we understand how the tubeless tape should optimally fit our rim, to choose the optimum width tape: Dismount your front wheel (easier to dismount than the back wheel) and remove air pressure and tire. Check that the standard rim tape completely covers the bottom of the rim. If so, then remove the standard rim tape, place it on a flat surface and measure it. This is the correct size you must choose for your tubeless tape or the closest possible. If you would take measures on the rim, without removing it previously, as the rim is concave, then the measurement size of the rim tape will not be correct. And if the standard rim tape that your bike had as standard does not completely cover the bottom of the rim, you will have to add those missing millimeters to the obtained size. If your wheel does not have a rim tape as standard, then cut a piece of paper (as a piece of rim tape) of the width that you think fits and place it on your rim, adapting it to its concavity, so you can check if it fits correctly or if you need a little wider or narrower width. Cut pieces of paper till you find the right size piece that fits your rim, and measure the size.
Can I seal any rim?
The rims must be double-wall rims. Old or cheap single-wall rims cannot be sealed. In general, modern rims are all almost double-sided. If the rim has sharp inner eyelet holes then file them down a bit to remove those burrs, which could cut the tubeless tape over time and tire internal pressure.
How well does a tubeless kit work?
Depending on how handy you are mounting your tape it will work perfectly or not. If you follow the instructions you should have no problem. Little by little you will learn how the tubeless kit and sealant work and you will have no problems. Everyone says: "At first I was suspicious, but once I overcame the initial inexperience problems, I'm happier and happier".
I've converted the rim into tubeless and it worked properly, but after a few months, it is leaking now.
First, check if you have sealant left inside the wheel. If your sealant is dead you must add a refill. If the sealant is not the problem check the tire. Look for cuts or cracks in the tire. If those are not the problems, check valve adjustment. Grab it and move it lightly. If air leakage sounds, the problem is in the valve. Disassemble and check the gasket and adjustment. If again those are not the problems, you need to check the rim tape. It may have started to peel off. Remove the tire, clean sealant residues, and check rim tape is perfectly bonded along the entire circumference of the wheel.
Which kind of tire should we use?
X-Sauce recommends tubeless or tubeless ready tires. This kind of tires can be inflated easily, in many cases with a foot pump, without compressor, and less maintenance is required. No tubeless tires could weigh much less, but you have to be more aware of them. Besides, they are not designed to work like a tubeless tire and it could cause damages and injuries to the bicycle and rider.


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