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A tire-plug kit that will help you to mend a flat tire.Repair kits come in handy when the sealant alone is not enough.Plug size: 3,5mm.


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This tubeless tire repair kit will fix holes or cuts that anti-puncture liquids cannot seal due to the size of these holes. A kit specially designed for medium or standard holes. This pocket-sized kit comes in a plastic container and contains: 3,5mm tool, 5×3,5mm tire seal and cutter.

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Tire repair kit type





Do I have to introduce the tire seal until I reach the tire wall or rim bed through the hole to be repaired?
The answer is no, the tire seal should not be introduced until it reaches the tire wall or rim bed. It should always be inserted leaving a few centimetres of tire seal out. Once inserted, cut the remaining tire seal with the cutter provided. You should never cut the tire seal flush to the tire - you should always cut with a 4mm margin, as if it were one more rubber nob of the tire.
Can I use several tire seal in a large hole?
Yes, however you must be careful and before repairing the tire with several tire seals, you must make sure that the repair can be performed safely. If the cut is a very large slash and inserting several tire seals is not enough, the best option is to dismantle the wheel and install an inner tube. This way we will guarantee that the tire will not tear, which could happen, and we can continue with our ride safely. For smaller cuts there will be no problem inserting several tire seals to repair the tire.
Should I use glue for more grip on the tire seal?
You can choose whether to use it or not. The tire seals are sticky enough so you do not have to use the glue. If your kit conteins glue and you decide to use it, absolutely nothing will happen. Add some glue to the wick before inserting it and insert it into the tire to be repaired. Wait a few minutes for it to dry. In the last generation of kits we decided not to include glue to reduce effects on the environment.


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