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Watts Lube, a real new way to lube your chain!


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Watts Lube is a long lasting bicycle chain oil for all extreme conditions.
Have you ever seen a gel oil? A pioneering and innovative gel oil is almost as clean as a wax chain lube. Exceptionally long lasting in wet or muddy conditions.
With fluoropolymers: solid pressure additives that will reduce friction, energy consumption and will extend drive train span.
Gel base improves deep chain link’s core penetration to provide long lasting lubrication. Watts Lube provides smooth gear shifting and helps safe a few watts as well.
Recommended for e-bikes and extreme wet weather conditions.
And all of this with a very striking appearance, its pink color and its pleasant smell will not leave you indifferent.

The perfect oil!

How to apply Watts Lube:

1. Clean drive chain thoroughly and let dry before lube application.
2. Shake before use.
3. Apply to the inside chain link, then to the outside chain link, while spinning pedals in a reverse motion. Watts Lube is a gel, thicker than other oils, the centrifugation effect is lower. Applying it only on the inside will not reach the outside correctly, and will also leave a lot of product on the chainring.
4. Do not wipe away excess oil.
5. Let dry and enjoy.

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